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Black hand holding a Black Lives Matter sign in front of the US Capitol building.
BIPOC people in coats wearing mouth masks, standing outside, holding anti-Asian hate signs

我们的董事会支持Black Lives Matter反亚洲/太平洋岛民仇恨问题。

安全和安保:主席 Mark Solomon 



Esther Little Dove, African-American woman in a long black and white checked dress, holds a microphone and speaks at Don't Displace the South End meeting space.
Early 1900s black and white photo of Victorian style house with women from the Beacon Hill Garden Club standing in front.


灯塔山上的 100 个重要人物、地点和事件 项目:Amy Kaminishi、Mira Latoszek 和 Maria Batayola 与前董事会成员 Michelle Ishimitsu


Picture of Delta jet landing from airport. Trees and mountains in background.

环境正义工作组  - 联合主席 Lynda Wong 和 Maria Batayola,Megan Slade(气候行动家庭) ,Deirdre Curle( 灯塔山噪音小组) ,  Maritza Laureano Ortega ( El Centro De La Raza ) 和 Elma Borbe。


我们的合作伙伴:  Earthjustice 、King County International Airport Community Coalition、 Quiet Skies Puget Sound 、Quiet Skies SE Seattle with 350 Seattle Aviation500 多名女科学家Climate Reality WA State Coalition



  • 北自行车道 -  Mira Latoszek、Michelle Ishimitsu、Monique Cherrier、Robert Getch 和 Steve。

  • 中南自行车道 - Cliff Holland、Erik Stanford、Gerry Chambers、Maria Batayola、Michelle Ishimitsu、Mira Latoszek、Monique Cherrier 和 Robert Getch。

Picture of adult and child bicyclining on Beacon Avenue trail. Fall leaves on ground. Houses, trees and cars in distance.
Narrow trail through lush green forest



  • 植物大赦特殊树木库存。

  • 需要志愿树木测量员!

  • 与 TreePac合作的树木条例宣传_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b - 136bad5cf58d_

  • 由全体董事会处理

COVID-19 外展和资源    在我们的社交媒体上提供。

vaccine and needle, blue background
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