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Keeping Our Diversity 

The Beacon Hill Council aims to retain socioeconomic, racial, and cultural diversity on Beacon Hill by advocating for affordable housing. Our anti-displacement work goes back to appealing the 2016 proposed Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA).  While MHA funds low-income housing, the rapid buildup of additional housing can displace current neighbors and lead to increased air and noise pollution. In 2018, we participated in a 19 day hearing with SCALE (Seattle Coalition on Affordability, Livability & Equity) Coalition and other neighborhood groups. The city prevailed. We co-wrote a Times Editorial and continued to advocate with Council for MHA to include home ownership and help us with historic preservation.  The former was adopted and the latter did not come about.  Sincere thanks to past BHC Board Members Mira Latoszek, Cacima Lee and Maria Batayola for their work on this issue. 

We continue our advocacy for low cost arts, cultural, business and housing spaces, and our project on identifying and honoring the 100+ Significant Beacon Hill People, Places and Events.  Lessons learned were presented to the Planners Association of Washington.


Check out the 100 Stories Project 

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