Communities Lead The Way

We as Beacon Hill Council are focused on building and maintaining a welcoming, diverse and healthy Beacon Hill community neighborhood.

We determine our priorities and the positions we take based on issues that people bring up, changes in the neighborhood and changes in laws, policies and programs that affect Beacon Hill as a vulnerable population.

We Do This In Many Ways:

Community Meetings

At our monthly BHC meetings, we hold the community meeting first so we can hear areas of concern or interest, have a discussion and listen to the community’s perspective.  Then we have our Board meeting so we are can keep the community’s voice in mind when we make decisions. See archived meeting agendas and meeting notes.

We want to make sure that we are not just talking to ourselved.  In 2016, we conducted a hard copy and online survey in 6 languages. We mailed a survey in six languages to every household in Beacon Hill and also launched an online version.  We received 9% return (1,117 responses) from our survey that was not convenient to return – people had to provide their own envelope, address it and put their own stamp on it. See full Survey Results and Photos.

We asked questions about your household and what is important to you. In short, we learned:

There are many languages spoken at home and that:
  • 47% spends 30% and above of their income on housing
  • 24% rent their homes and 74% own their homes
  • 31% have house holds with 4 members or more
  • 33% (1 out of 3) lived in Beacon Hill for 5 years or less

Your opinion on the expansion of the North Beacon Hill Village:

  • 55% supported the expansion although 70% were not familiar with the idea of an urban village.
  • 51% supported the proposed zoning changes to single family areas to put the Mandatory Affordable Housing (MHA) program in place.

Your opinion on what we need at Beacon Hill:

  • 84% Safety Plan for all road users – pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, others.
  • 83% Security and safety.
  • 80% Social and human services for residents.
  • 69% Health Impact of noise and airplane emissions.
  • 68% Multicultural gatherings and cultural programming.

The importance of 2011 Beacon Hill Neighborhood Plan elements to you:

  • 91% Continuing mix of small businesses and encourage new businesses. 
  • 89% Retain and increase local access to food, including a grocery store in the commercial core.
  • 86% Enhance pedestrian safety along key streets within the Urban Village and discourage projects that would hinder pedestrian access.
  • 80% Encourage affordable family-sized homes.
  • 80% Added eyes on the street through community program and festivals, the design of new development and other means.
  • 77% Encourage balance of affordable rental and home ownership.
  • 70% Encourage development of affordable housing close to the light rail station.
  • gave North Beacon Hill Council permission to cover issues affecting all of Beacon Hill (70%). Note that at the time of the survey, there was no Middle Beacon Hill Council and there was an inactive South Beacon Hill Council.  Hence, we became Beacon Hill Council.

Kudos To:

  •  Our survey partners Beacon Hill Merchants Association, El Centro de La Raza, Friends of Lewis Park, International Examiner, Jefferson Community Center.
  • Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods for providing us with Matching Funds.
Let’s Talk About It Events

BHC also holds “Let’s talk About it” events to discuss specific topics, gain input on issues, obtain ideas, and identify community preferences and common ground. 

In June of 2019, in partnership with Station Coffee, Beacon Arts:

  • June 3, 2019 Anti-Displacement (Photos. Notes. Twitter)
  • June 10, 2019 Community Power & Candidates Forum (Photos. Notes. Twitter.)
  • June 17, Air & Noise, Trees & Environment. (Photos. Notes, Twitter.)
  • June 24, 2019 Historic Preservation (Notes, Twitter.)
April 7, 2020  Conservation Vision for Brick Pits Land (Photo. Notes.)

Kudos to:

  • Our partners Beacon Arts, Beacon Business Alliance, El Centro De La Raza, Friend of Lewis Park and last but not least The Station coffee house.
  • Dr. Deirdre Curle for taking such great “Let’s Talk About It” notes
  • Seattle Foundation Neighbor to Neighbor for funding the 2019 discussions!
Making A Difference

We use many tools to influence and advocate for our beloved Beacon Hill community. We:

  • Provide information and learning opportunities
  • Bring parties together for mutual understanding
  • Organize
  • Write letters
  • Testify and make public comments to our elected officials
  • Meet with community, with leaders and with elected officials 
  • Help pass ordinances or bills 
  • Appeal rules when needed

Come join us! Let’s make a difference for the common good.

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