We Advocate For Diversity

Beacon Hill has Duwamish roots.  With Italian immigrants, through time, the neighborhood welcomed displaced people of color from racial red-lining, Chinese Americans from the Alien Land-Act, Japanese Americans from World War II internment, Southeast Asians – Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese from the Vietnam War, and Africans such as Eritrean and Somali refugees from local civil wars.

With its welcoming ways, Beacon Hill’s population became close to 80% people of color, 44% immigrants and refugees with only 36% speaking English well, and one out of 5 low income according to the last Census count.

We want to preserve the diverse stories, welcoming ways and struggles of Beacon Hill.  From now until June, the BHC Cultural & Historic Preservation Task Force will gather 100 stories of significant/special people, places and events both past and present.

For more information, please contact BHC Cultural & Historical Preservation Task Force Coordinator Michelle Ishimitsu at sbh100stories@gmail.com


Ride the trolley up the ridge of Beacon Hill and discover one of South Seattle’s most interesting districts. Unique among Seattle neighborhoods, Beacon Hill is a community where immigrants from all over the globe have settled side by side for over 100 years. This new book tells the story of the people and businesses of Beacon Hill in vintage photographs, the majority of which date before World War II. Readers will learn about the immigrants who worked on farms, opened shops, and labored in shipyards, the building of Jefferson Park, as well as the activism and political struggles that shaped the Beacon Hill neighborhood.”

Beacon Hill
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